The Affordable Way to Get Mailboxes in Sydney

The Affordable Way to Get Mailboxes in Sydney

A Mail Box is Safe. Secure. And Always Staffed.

List your business with confidence

One of the main benefits of mail box rental is that you don’t have the P.O. box stigma attached to your commercial address. Maintain a real street address for business listings and the like.

Simple and affordable

Another huge advantage over using a P.O. box – a mail box is highly affordable. It’s also easy to set up with our fair ID requirement policy.

Enjoy safety and security

Your mail box will be located in a facility that’s secure around the clock. When you need mailboxes in Sydney, there’s no better choice.

Always Staffed

Waiting for a package delivered by FedEx, UPS, DHL, Toll, or Australian Air Express? Need that parcel or document to be signed for? That’s what our staff are here to do.

Rely on privacy and discretion

We sign for anything you need us to. But that’s where it stops. Your mail box stays completely secure until you come to get your mail. You can do this 24/7!

Why Use Us For Mail Box Rental?

This service is ideal for both private customers and commercial businesses. Don’t want clients to be put off by a P.O. box address? Often out of town? Going travelling and need someone to be around to take delivery of your mail?

These are reasons why many of our clients get a mail box from us in Sydney.

  • Business listings – and other places where you’ll put down your office address – always look better with a real street address.
  • No hassle to organise. Set up only takes a couple of minutes. And you’ll be shown our short terms and conditions upfront.
  • Wondering how you’ll know when you’ve got mail? Simply tell us to arrange it, and we’ll send you a text, phone message, or an email
  • You can receive any type of packages from any courier. Everything gets signed for whenever necessary.

What’s more, you’ve also got the expertise you need for printing out, mailing and shipping – and secure packaging too. So when you head in to check on your mail, if you need anything in that vein, it’s right there and ready to go.

Return a parcel to sender. Set up a new mailing list for marketing materials. Print off a letter and mail it in response…

It’s all easy. And you’ll have our graphic design experts on hand to help with anything you might need. This is business and private communication made simple.